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Comic-Con (Comicon) 2014

Steampunk Tardis, and entourage

The First Doctor, and the Second Doctor

Exterminate! A Dalek befriends (captures?) the 8th Doctor's Steampunk Tardis

Tom Baker ... i mean a Cosplayer as the fourth doctor...

Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey... Don't Blink!

The Tenth Doctor, times seven

The Gathering of Doctors

The Gathering of Doctors

aka Melody Pond, all growed up

A gathering of River Songs

Several of: the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, River Song (aka Melody Pond)

Multiple of The Fourth Doctors

The First Doctor, twice

A lineup of Doctors

The Tardii

I admit I am a big fan of Tinkerbell (also, a Bronie too)

Steampunk Tinkerbell (I am a fan!)

With Zero the Ghost Dog

Never got their character names…

Iron Man

I didn’t get their names. But is that a Shark Bazuka?


Zombie Girls