Ummmm, Hi!

DaveC's thoughts about blogging.

Well, okay, here it is. My "blog". "Blog". What a weird word. Why wasn't it called a "weh"? Probaly cuz that dounds dumber than "blog".

Okay so first I thought, I'll use some pro tool like Blogger right? Okay, sure, when I get around to it. But today I saw iBlog at MacInTouch and thought, hmmm, that's probly easier. So 3 clicks later here I am, making my first entry. Yeah, guess it was easier. Okay, now how easy is it to publish? Here goes, and I'll let you know.
Well, I saved my entry and hit the "preview" button, and discover I don't like the interface much. I want to see the Body of the entry with fewer clicks. Seems like a user has to click too many times just to get to the entry. Hmmm.

Posted: Wed - March 3, 2004 at 09:51 AM