Wed - March 17, 2004

Free muon shower from sun provides handy "X-Rays" for archaeologists, among others.

From MSNBC . I suppose that The Man quite enjoys this "new" technology too, for finding heretofore unfindable things. Now that we can see thru anything we can get under what do you suppose people will use this for?

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Roswell Metal "invented"?

Yeah, we invented this, right. Glassy Metals, at

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You'd swear this stuff is alien technology...

Aerogel from JPL. The stuff practically doesn't exist, it's 99.8% air? My favorite line is, if you used it to insulate your house, a single candle could heat your whole house, even if it's 20 below. In fact, you would cook, and be forced to blow the candle out.

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Sat - March 6, 2004

Liesl's Anomalous Phenomena

Liesl has a neat list of strange happenings she calls "Anomalae", pretty neat.

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Thu - March 4, 2004

Desktop Fusion?

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Tesla Coils

Photo Gallery And why is it, exactly, that we're not pursuing this technology as a policy?

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Muons continue to defy Standard Model

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