Sat - January 21, 2006

Evil Black Hats manipulate Google stock to punnish them for not sucking up to The Man

US DOJ: Give Us your Search Request database
Google: No! Fuck Off!
DOJ: Then we will manipulate your stock price so you go out of business!

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Wed - March 17, 2004

Evil Plot to make us all cows: "anti-biotics"

There are some who feel they see evidence that those in power are using bio-agents to keep us docile or, if we're too frickin' smart and could cause a problem, forcibly keep us out of play with their manufactured diseases and their equally insidious "medicines".

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Why not lasers for projection TV?

We can make red green and blue lasers, why haven't we made long range projection TVs?

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Thu - March 4, 2004

Good for a laugh.

This picture is so funny.

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Using Microwaves as a "security" scanner?

Reuters Seems a little, um, strange to be pushing microwaves on us as "safe" when good'ole Dubyah & family is using the same tech for weapons. "No, we promise only to use it for GOOD things!"

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Wed - March 3, 2004

Good UI == Too Much Power

I've seen great UI, great tools. Only to watch as they were quietly killed.

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