Evil Black Hats manipulate Google stock to punnish them for not sucking up to The Man

US DOJ: Give Us your Search Request database
Google: No! Fuck Off!
DOJ: Then we will manipulate your stock price so you go out of business!

Does it strike you as odd that immediately after the story broke that Google refused to turn over it's private records of users' search habits to the Evil Government, that suddenly their stock price took a huge hit? You'd think the David vs. Goliath story would garner a rallying cry of support, Google is the one of a very few companies you can actually feel good in your heart about. When they stand up against The Man for the people they serve, yes that includes their stock holders, do you think they would turn around and say, "Bad Google! We no longer trust your long term viability! SELL SELL!". I don't think so. Alternate explanation? Anyone who stands in George's way is an terrorist right? Google must be a terrorist, so we'll just manually tweak their stock price, make it look like their investors are unappy.

Posted: Sat - January 21, 2006 at 11:23 AM