Evil Plot to make us all cows: "anti-biotics"

There are some who feel they see evidence that those in power are using bio-agents to keep us docile or, if we're too frickin' smart and could cause a problem, forcibly keep us out of play with their manufactured diseases and their equally insidious "medicines".

I remember when the village shaman knew you were ill before you did and would stop by to offer an herbal tea that would cure you before you got sick. Ahh the good ole' lifetimes. Now it's like, if you're not sick, it's really unusual, given the toxicity that surrounds us every moment of every day. And if you just refuse to get sick, they'll invent a new bug just for you. Can't have you being all healthy, at least not for long. You report chronic flu-like symptoms to your doctor. You've had it for three years, the symptoms change over time, but you know it's the same bug. It always has something to do with the bronchial or nasal goo. General aches in the neck, almost headache, almost sore throat. And feels like you've always had it. Like that back ache. Is that from those chemtrails? I know we do it in Iraq , well, that's cuz' they're bad right? Anyway three years is a long time to have a cold. Your "doctor" doesn't really know what it is, quite professionally scratching his head he says "oh, well, i guess here's some antibiotics", that'll help, yeah. 3 weeks later every flora in your body has been wiped out and you start to die too, you know there's a symbiosis thing going on, but they say, don't worry it'll grow back. I already told him, you know I did three successively stronger rounds of antibiotics last year, didn't do a thing. Maybe he didn't really hear me, he just says "take these". Right like when you get "chemotherapy" the radioactivity ain't so bad right? "It's what the manual says I'm supposed to tell you" he says, reading his script, not actually looking up. So what if it blows major holes in your DNA, you didn't need those particular sequences right? Those were the *bad* sequences anyway, yeah! So you be a good "patient" and take these pills. Oh here's another set of pills just for the congestion. Don't you feel better?

So you read the label on the "antibiotic" (amoxicillin), it says it can give you:
nausea, vomiting, diarrhea with blood, yellow eyes or skin, easy bruising or bleeding, persistant sore throat, fever, rash, yeast, itching, swelling, trouble breathing, seizures. Oh and it will damage your liver and kidneys.

This is medicine?? It's GOOD for you really!!

Here's what you can get taking the decongestant, Guaifenesin with Pseudoephedrine :
Nausia, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness, headache, difficulty sleeping, difficulty urinating, chest pain, rapid or irregular heart beat. And i love this: nervousness, anxiety, and fear! Yes, these are actual "side effects". Oh and seizures.

Do they put this stuff in our water too? I mean besides the chlorine and fluoride?

Posted: Wed - March 17, 2004 at 11:54 PM