Good UI == Too Much Power

I've seen great UI, great tools. Only to watch as they were quietly killed.

Cases In Point: Taligent. Kaleida. OpenDoc, CyberDog, AOCE. QuickTime Conferencing. More on this later.

Remember in the OS 9 memory control panel, the checkbox "preserve memory contents on sleep"? you could sleep your machine, then let it completely power down (ie: pull the battery and/or unplug your machine). when you powered back on, it would just read the memory image back in, took about 4 seconds to "wake" from dead-off, rather than that tedious 4 minutes of booting. even windows has this. they killed it due to a "bug" and never fixed it, and never re-introduced it. why?

Posted: Wed - March 3, 2004 at 10:02 AM