Sat - January 21, 2006

Evil Black Hats manipulate Google stock to punnish them for not sucking up to The Man

US DOJ: Give Us your Search Request database
Google: No! Fuck Off!
DOJ: Then we will manipulate your stock price so you go out of business!

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Thu - March 18, 2004

Greg Deocampo seems to think about many of the same things I do.

Check out his blog. I'da blogged most of this stuff too, but, well, no need to duplicate the effort. See links enclosed for some good stuff.

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Wed - March 17, 2004

Evil Plot to make us all cows: "anti-biotics"

There are some who feel they see evidence that those in power are using bio-agents to keep us docile or, if we're too frickin' smart and could cause a problem, forcibly keep us out of play with their manufactured diseases and their equally insidious "medicines".

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Free muon shower from sun provides handy "X-Rays" for archaeologists, among others.

From MSNBC . I suppose that The Man quite enjoys this "new" technology too, for finding heretofore unfindable things. Now that we can see thru anything we can get under what do you suppose people will use this for?

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Why not lasers for projection TV?

We can make red green and blue lasers, why haven't we made long range projection TVs?

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Roswell Metal "invented"?

Yeah, we invented this, right. Glassy Metals, at

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You'd swear this stuff is alien technology...

Aerogel from JPL. The stuff practically doesn't exist, it's 99.8% air? My favorite line is, if you used it to insulate your house, a single candle could heat your whole house, even if it's 20 below. In fact, you would cook, and be forced to blow the candle out.

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Mon - March 8, 2004

Technology doesn't do stupid things, people do stupid things.

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Sat - March 6, 2004

Liesl's Anomalous Phenomena

Liesl has a neat list of strange happenings she calls "Anomalae", pretty neat.

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Thu - March 4, 2004

Good for a laugh.

This picture is so funny.

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Spring Desktop

Exploration and critique of the Spring Desktop.

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My New Favorite Movie

A Mighty Wind. And dam, what an amazing soundtrack!

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Using Microwaves as a "security" scanner?

Reuters Seems a little, um, strange to be pushing microwaves on us as "safe" when good'ole Dubyah & family is using the same tech for weapons. "No, we promise only to use it for GOOD things!"

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Desktop Fusion?

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Tesla Coils

Photo Gallery And why is it, exactly, that we're not pursuing this technology as a policy?

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